Hit the road. I'll walk with you.

Crisis counselling service in Budapest, Hungary.


My name is Attila Szilágyi. I'm an experienced mental-health professional providing coaching, counselling and mentoring services in Budapest, Hungary. You can have traditional analitical therapy sessions with me in person or online. I also offer walk-and-talk counselling, mindfulness practice, forest bath, hypnotherapy and relaxative visualisation therapy.

About me

Szilágyi Attila
  • 45 years of life experience;
  • 20 years in mentoring;
  • 15 years in pastoral service;
  • 10 years in-crisis support;
  • 5 years holistic counselling praxis;
  • 3 years hypnotherapy praxis;
  • 1 goal: authenticity.


The above slogan of my mentoring practice was inspired by the title of a lecture in 2018, the author of which was dr. László Buda - the inventor of the SomatoDrama and Ultra Short Therapy methods - who deeply influenced my professional attitude.

I appreciate very much that I came across this approach at the beginning of my therapeutic journey - at the turning point of my own mid-life crisis - and since then I happen to redistribute the blessings of this way of thinking to my mentees.

In my mentoring program, I share with you my knowledge tested in real life and the best practical methods from my own experience.

Every single moment in life counts, it's never too late to start changing.

The first and most important step out of trouble might be when you admit that the situation has become too difficult for one and decide to cry for help. It is a sign of strength and courage to turn to someone with greater knowledge and experience and take advantage of their expertise.


May I Help You?



Troubling with tough problems?

Take a look at your behavior through the eyes of a neutral observer to spot the flaws in your subconscious logic. Use your creative imagination and intuition in a safe and innovative way to find solutions to your difficulties.

Mentor Program

Crisis Counselling

About to change your life?

Sometimes all we need is just a pair of listening ears and caring eyes. A person with a clear mind and an open heart filled with compassion toward our emotional troubles which might be familiar from his own life experience.



As your soul is slowly embracing the common rhythm of our footsteps, it gradually releases the internal tension that has blocked you to communicate freely. This is really a great help when you finally want to talk to someone about the difficulties in your life.

Remote Support

Online Help

Meeting online (in video- or audio calls) is just the right solution to keep in touch in case of any intimate long-distance relationships.

Including the one with your counsellor.