From Hero To Helper

Attila Szilagyi Serve God, Save People, Be a Hero - simple, fundamental principles formed my childhood and young adult mind.

Loosing my faith when loosing my loved ones made me to focus on the moments with those remained close to me.

Recently I have started to be present also for... ME.

Yes, you're right. It's unbelievably comforting.

I spent my last few years with a desperate race to find my true self.

It all started with an incredibly painful insight when no one else I turned to for years provided with what I had been craving for: complete love and acceptance, so that I realised at the end: I need ME.

But it was not just so easy. It seemed to an almost impossible mission even to scratch the defending walls around my deep inner self: I had built them to watch out, so I had to take them down watchful.

I was never to give up...,
and when we met at last I desperately determined to remain loyal till death!

Looking back, I deeply appreciate all the help I received along my way. Counselors and friends proved to become great source of strength and shelter during these disturbed times.

I also sense that increasing awareness and broadening opportunities entail growing responsibilities.

My own wretchedness enables me to understand you.

Here I am. Answering my call.

It's your turn now. I'll give a hand, when you want to stand up. Encourage you, when loosing heart. Balm you, when getting tired.

Hit the road. I'll walk with you.


Attila Szilagyi